About SWA

About Sierra Wax Artists

Sierra Wax Artists is a group of artists working with encaustic or cold wax medium. We include artists who are pursuing serious art careers, those who are newly exploring the discipline and others in between.

We meet quarterly at University Art in Sacramento for professional demos and to share information on material, technique, and to learn about workshops, classes, competitions and shows happening in the encaustic world.
We also sponsor juried shows in the wider Sacramento area.

Those who attend SWA meetings will easily find a teacher,an upcoming workshop, someone to share painting time or space or someone who shares their passion for playing in color with melted wax and resin.

Meet the Board!


Our Vision:  Inspiring the inventive genius in Encaustic Artists

Our Mission: 

  • Provide a nurturing educational environment that fosters and cultivates the creative spirit
  • Provide networking and communication to all participating encaustic artists in our region
  • Support all levels of encaustic artists
  • Provide a platform for showcasing the art of our members
  • Follow best practices
  • Support diversity and the freedom of all artists to create without judgment
  • Maintain an open spirit of respect and cooperation
  • Give credit to artists for their ideas and work
  • Cultivate awareness of the art of encaustic for other artists and art-lovers.

Our Values:

  • Acceptance without judgment
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Creative freedom
  • Honesty
  • Diversity



Section 1. Qualifications of Members. The qualifications for membership in this Association are that the potential member:

A.    Expresses an interest in encaustics

B.    Attends chapter meeting and is added to the mailing list

  1.     Members who are not in attendance but personally request to be added to mailing list  
  2.     Note:  Third party’s cannot request member be added to email list without member’s consent

Section 2. Membership Role. The Chapter mailing list shall serve as a membership role.