Welcome to SWA Dianne Poinski!

Sierra Wax Artists is pleased to announce our newest board member Dianne Poinski!

While attending college to pursue an accounting degree, Dianne took a black and white
photography course to help satisfy the art requirement. Passion for photography developed
almost immediately and her goal of becoming a CPA quickly disappeared.

Dianne loves any process that allows for a more "hands on" experience with her work. For over
20 years she hand-colored her black and white photographs. In 2014 she took a “photo
encaustic” workshop and found a new way to create original art with her photographs.

These works are archival, color inkjet prints, mounted on a panel, then coated with encaustic
medium (beeswax and resin). Fusing with a heat gun or torch is required for every layer of wax
that is applied. Embellishments were added to create texture and depth with one or more of the
following: pigmented wax, oil paints, pearl powdered pigments or pastels.

Working with wax presents many challenges. Dianne says, “The more I explore this process, the
more I appreciate this quote by photo encaustic artist, Clare O’Neill:

“Perfection and control in photo encaustics is impossible. The process is most satisfying if you
can allow for the unexpected. The imperfection of the work is its own elegance.”


To learn more about Dianne and to see her work, visit her website at www.dpoinski.com.