July 16, 2017 Chapter Meeting with Jaya King

Jaya King – Encaustic Power & Subtlety:  Beyond Black & White

Please join us on Sunday, July 16th @ 1:00 pm, University Art, J Street, Sacramento for this *free event. (*although…gotta say, a donation would be pretty awesome)   **Register Now**


Learning encaustic is a little like taming a horse.  It is beautiful, wild and in a split second it gets out of control.  The key to successful encaustic art is understanding the subtleties of the wax and harnessing its natural potential.  When art is forced, the outcome is unbalanced.  When you speak the language of the medium, the creative process becomes a two-way conversation.

This demo will showcase how to achieve depth, detail and dimension by building up transparent layers.  Jaya will demonstrate the potential of using a limited color palette by using the most basic:  black & white.  She will lecture on the importance of building a strong compositional foundation in order to accomplish a balanced and powerful encaustic painting.  Gain a better understanding of how to take your art to the next level and reserve your seat today!

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Jaya King is a professional artist and California native based out of Sacramento who has been showing, teaching, and demonstrating her work since 2003. Jaya is an R&F Paints Certified Encaustic Instructor.

Visit Jaya’s website to view more inspiring images and videos:  http://jayasart.com/event/encaustic-power-subtlety-beyond-black-white-encaustic-demonstration/

To learn more about her upcoming workshops visit her 2017 Encaustic Calendar:  http://jayasart.com/2017-calendar/encaustic-workshops-events/

Follow along with her encaustic adventures on Instagram @artchickjaya


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