Jan 15, 2017 Chapter Meeting with Dianne Poinski!

Sierra Wax Artists Presents: 
Dianne Poinski: Wax Infused Photographs – Transforming your photographs with Encaustic medium, paint and pigment. 

Please join us on Sunday, Jan 15th @ 1:00pm, University Art, J Street, Sacramento for this *free event. (*although…gotta say, a donation would be pretty awesome)


Wax Infused Photographs – Transforming your photographs with Encaustic medium, paint and pigment.

Dianne will discuss the best type of images to work with, papers and printing, gluing, embedding and/or transferring the photographs, and embellishing the photographs after fusing a few layers of clear medium over the image.





Dianne Poinski –

While attending college to pursue an accounting degree, I took a black and white photography course to help satisfy the art requirement. I soon found myself being the first to get to class and the last to leave!

Passion for photography developed almost immediately and my goal of becoming a CPA quickly disappeared. After many years of shooting film and printing in the darkroom, I slowly (sometimes kicking and screaming) transitioned into digital photography and felt my passion for the art form reignite. Using new skills along with the advances in technology, have made it possible for me to create images that at one time, only existed in my imagination. 

I love any process that allows for a more “hands on” experience with my work. For over 20 years I hand-colored my black and white prints. In 2014 I took a “photo encaustic” workshop and found a new way to create original art with my photographs using beeswax and paint.

Working with wax presents many challenges. The more I explore this process, the more I appreciate this quote by photo encaustic artist, Clare O’Neill:

“Perfection and control in photo encaustics is impossible. The process is most satisfying if you can allow for the unexpected. The imperfection of the work is its own elegance.”


This meeting is also when you can pick up your abandoned art pieces. Thank you again for being a part of this fun project! Swing by University Art before the meeting if you haven’t seen the display in the front window.