Abandoned Art Project


Here’s the scoop for the Abandoned Art Project . . .


1. Create three encaustic pieces on the wood panels provided in your kit.  (Distributed on Sunday, July 17)

2. Keep your artwork ‘family friendly’. Think of it as a gift to the community.

3. Attach a sticker (provided in your kit) to back of each artwork.

4. Finished pieces:

Abandon one artwork where ever you like – possibilities are endless (office buildings, grocery store, bus stops, restaurants, etc.).

Bring the second artwork to our SWA OCTOBER 16th MEETING at University Art. University Art will take this piece create a window display using our member’s 4″ x 4″ encaustic art pieces. Your artwork will be available for pick up at our January 15, 2017 SWA meeting at University Art.

The third piece is yours to keep or abandon – as you wish.

Chapter Meeting July 17, 2016

Sierra Wax Artists Presents: 
Barbara Nilsson: Using Dyes in Encaustic
(Indigo and Procoin*)

Please join us on Sunday, July 17 @ 1:00, University Art, J Street, Sacramento for this *free event. (*although…gotta say, a donation would be pretty awesome)


barbara-nilssonBarbara Nilsson
Nilsson has been working in encaustic since 2002. When painting or printmaking in encaustic she applies many thin layers as this gives the works a multi-dimensional and translucent effect. Her expressionistic work shows unlimited imagination and creativity in subjects and composition and reflects excellent colors and academic application. Barbara gives workshops in encaustic, encaustic monotype and cold wax throughout the year. She is a published artist who has had exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. Nilsson’s art is in the collections of:  The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. and The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington. Talk about WOW! Learn more about Barbara’s work at:  www.barbaranilsson.com 

*Procoin is a cold water dye. Who knew?!! Check it out, first hand. Sierra Wax Artists are cutting edge! 


In addition to Barbara’s presentation, you’re in for a treat. Following the presentation, we will distribute materials packets for the Sierra Wax Artists Abandoned Art Project. You’ve got to be there in person to receive a packet. It’s going to be a lot of fun. You’ll receive 3 mini boards to create your encaustic art for the project: one to keep, one to give away (abandon), and one to submit for a collage show at University Art. We’ll cover instructions in depth and will have instructions online for you.

**If you have questions and want to talk to a real person, call Charlotte Cooper (916) 434-5378